It’s official!

We’ve signed on the dotted line – and we’re ready to go!

Let’s get ALLLLLL the details to you…



71 Belair Road, Kingswood

It’s 900m south of our current location (same side of the road) – that’s before you reach the Mitcham shopping centre.
Opposite the Shell service station.
Next door (southern side) to Eynesbury House.
Those are all of the details for all of you detailed people… I’m sure the rest of you will Google it đŸ™‚



Tuesday 14th July 2020

That will be our first day OPEN at the new premises.
Our last day at 347 Unley Rd will be Saturday 11th July.
We have a day and a half to move – lucky we’re a little bit crazy and can roll with the punches!



Parking: Pull into the driveway – there are 5 parks in front of the building and 5 parks behind it (you’ll see the driveway down the right of the building). Of course you’re still welcome to park on a side street too to encourage yourself to do your post-adjustment walk!

Phone number: It’ll still be the same. We may have the phones diverted to a mobile for a few days during the transition, but you’ll still get through to us on the same number (you might get a call from a Silent Number when we return your call during those few days).

Who’s moving? Just ‘Chiropractic On Unley’ – that’s our Chiropractors (Patrick, Harriet and Krissy), and our Chiropractic Assistants (Jas, Alex and Jo). You may or may not have noticed  another Chiropractic practice using the building at 347 Unley Road (Dr Shireen Hodgetts of Integrated Chiropractic) – she’ll be remaining there. Don Frakes (Acupuncturist) has also decided to stay at 347 – he promises to still bring us snacks and come to our team/social events so we’ll be sure to hold him to that!

The name! Yes, it seems strange having ‘Chiropractic On Unley’ on Belair Road… we’re going to keep it this way for a few more months yet. We’ll transition to a new name when the time is right!

Change: There will definitely be a strange few weeks from when we start emptying the building at Unley Road, and before we’re fully settled in at Belair Rd. It’ll feel like the end of an era for some! We plan on keeping your care as consistent and smooth as we can during this time – but thank you for your patience in advance if there are any little hurdles!Feel free to contact us if we’ve missed anything or you have any questions.

Thanks for coming along for the ride!
Team CoU
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