Hi everyone and Happy New Year!

We hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Years Eve, and that you’ve been able to have some time to do more of the things that you love!

A few quick updates on all the rules of 2020:

  • No more masks are required to be worn in the practice.
  • The check-in process must remain until further notice. You will have noticed the QR-codes on the walls and the manual check-in clipboard in the reception area.
  • Please use common sense with social distancing and respecting each others space – thank you to everyone for helping us make this an easy thing to implement.

A few updates other updates:

  • Thanks to Harriet and Krissy for remaining open over the holiday period! Although inconvenient, our bodies don’t tend to take a break from needing to be adjusted! We’re glad we were able to stay open for you, as well as give Patrick and Alex a longer break than usual after what was a very full-on year to run a business in (and to live in general! As you know…)
  • Tomorrow morning (Tues 12th Jan) we are back to normal hours with all 3 practitioners here. You can find each of our practitioners hours on their ‘About’ pages: Krissy, Harriet, Patrick.
  • Harriet will be taking a week off at the end of January (25th-30th Jan).
  • Krissy’s holiday time/break isn’t booked yet… but we’ll let you know when it is!
  • You may have noticed a new face floating around the practice – Adelle has joined us in a more regular capacity (she’s previously helped out casually) and so you’ll see her on the desk now too. She’s currently studying to become a Chiropractor herself!
  • Alex will be phasing herself off the desk/front-of-house this year to focus on running the business and improving the level of care we’re providing you. Continuous improvement is our jam! (That doesn’t sound as catchy as I’d hoped!)
  • And finally… we’re reintroducing pre-pays! If you pre-paid for your visits before all of this COVID-chaos and want to start again, just ask and we’ll get you started again. If you haven’t heard of this before and are interested, we’re happy to tell you more! Ask one of us at the desk (Alex, Jo, Jas or Adelle)
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